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Monkeys Wedding

or sunshower

A sunshower or sun shower is a meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining.

In South African English, a sunshower is referred to as a "monkey's wedding", a loan translation of the Zulu umshado wezinkawu,

a wedding for monkeys.

In Afrikaans, this phenomenon, i.e. when it rains and the sun shines, the traditional belief is Jakkals trou met wolf se vrou, meaning 'Jackal marries wolf's wife'.


Brendan Guy Coughlan

Brendan started playing guitar in his mothers womb. Crafting his skills on his ambilical chord he came out a legendary player from day one. Rooted firmly in the Blues, Brendan plays any song with feel and passion.


Brendan has been playing professionaly for 10 years in various different outfits. As a talented vocalist, songwriter and player he is an essential part of Monkeys Wedding.



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Rossouw Coetzee

Rossouw stands out as the guy who never stands still, grooving with his bass while singing he resembles a shoo-wop girl mixed with a toddler needing the loo. All this energy does go a long way in adding energy to the band though. 


Rossouw started playing bass in a Performing Arts Ministry and studied Bass and Vocals at the Campus Of Performing Arts there after. He spent a couple of years performing in the Barnyard Theatre where he refined his skills as a performer.


Adding energy to the mix with his bass and vocals makes Rossouw a foundational member of Monkeys Wedding. 

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Monkeys Wedding Band, Brink Jacobs

Brink Jacobs

Brink is one of those guys who can just play anything. A musical genius who feels at home on piano, guitar, bass, drums and probably the fiddle as well. His fortey however is drums, it is his passion and he is damn good at it.


Brink has played in many different environments, from headlining festivals to playing smooth jazz in hotels in Ibiza. Knowing how everything fits together enables Brink to keep the rest of the band on their toes and makes him integral to Monkeys Wedding 

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